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Wagons Events

We Strive To Serve The Neediest Parts Of Our Community By:

1. Building wagons with volunteer hands. This helps people to experience the spirit of giving in a way that is not otherwise possible. There is no greater pleasure than building a wagon that will stand the test of time. To be a constant reminder that, “yes, there truly is a Santa”.
2. Filling those wagons with food, starting now! Be a Food Champion – collect an item for the Christmas Dinner. Hey, you can tell all your friends that you are the “Sweet Potato King” or the “Stuffing Santa”.
3. Spreading the spirit of Christmas to people who may have lost hope. Show a child in need that someone cares about them. It just may be a wagon, but it’s a wagon that gives hope for a better day.
4. We provide children a Christmas who otherwise wouldn’t have one. If a parent struggles to put food on the table, what kind of Christmas will they be able to give their children?

Wagon Building Location!

Far East Community Recreation Center
1826 Lattimer Drive Columbus 43227